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Thread: backup: rt-pro or e-mag

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    backup: rt-pro or e-mag

    I've recently sold all my markers except my viking. I want to get a backup to use if it rains and was considering an rt-pro or an e-mag. What do you think? They are basically the same but for the electro frame on the e-mag.Do you think the price diff. is worth it. Will the ule trigger mod work on the e-mag. I might be able to get emag#00115 for $450. Should I get it or get the rt-pro w/ule trigger cuz the electronics would not like the rain?

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    Now I've never shot an Emag(GOD I"M WAITING) but for a back up I don't think you can go wrong with the RTPro. You don't need to do anything to it. It will always be there for you ready to go.

    Personally I love it when it starts to rain and everyone with fancy little electros runs and hides while I sit and rip on my X-Valved Mini!!!!!!!!!

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    I second ChuckWag78 on that.


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    go with the emag. it is the only marker, besides an xmag that if the electronics fail that you can instantly switch to manual mode
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