Ok someone please answer some questions I have. I have been searching and reading for a week about emags, xmags, this option that option and I am getting to the point I am confused. Ok first off I plan on getting an emag most likely in the next month or so(even though the xmag is very visually nice it’s not worth the extra money to me) Ok now what I want to know is this… are there any differences between the two? I have read one thread where the xmag has a switch that the emag doesn’t? Or is that on the old ones? Also all this ULE stuff… What is what? Do the emags come with ule frames, rails, etc? I have read that some do and some don’t. Also if I were to want a custom color/fade does AGD take orders for normal emags to do this? Also is there a way to get a single trigger on the emag? Does AGD do custom jobs if you begged/pleaded/promised first born child? The only single trigger for the emag I have seen is in the chimera thread though. I am trying to find the best price on these things but I don't want to end up getting an "old stock" gun that has none of the new upgrades on it. That is why I am thinking of getting it direct from AGD so hopefully I can get it the way I want and make sure it's up to date. Anyway I hope someone can answer these questions and maybe offer more advice. I am seriously giving myself a headache thinking about all these different things. Oh well thanks all for any help you can give.


OH Yeah btw I am thinking of adding one of those IT sluggo bodies to the emag when I get it. Anyone have any experience with a sluggo body on an emag? Give me the good the bad and the ugly..