The AO Team here at IAO reviewed this creed and we are posting it for your approval. We are taking this seriously as this has the potential to stand for something real and important.

The Creed of the Das Untermag Revolution

We are the few and the underdogs. We do not need notoriety. We seek to gain knowledge and fight against mental repression caused by expensive marketing, hero icons and long held beliefs. We believe that there is a truth and that it should be sought out and embraced.

We are different because knowledge helps us to understand the line between paintball fantasy and reality where others think no line exists at all. The Revolution holds itself to higher standards. We do not allow our markers to be put down but we do not put down others markers. We seek to learn and to transfer that knowledge to others in a friendly way.

Our sign, “chuff chuff”, represents a point on the fantasy / reality line. This point moved when the LvL 10 changed the Automag. Long held beliefs have prevented this new truth from breaking into the mainstream. The Untermag Revolution was thus born. The sign is many things: a greeting between Revolution members—as they are among friends and a recognition of brotherhood telling the enlightened that you too seek knowledge above and beyond the mainstream. When directed toward an outsider, it is a signal that they do not wish to learn. We must accept the fact not all will join us.

Our symbol is the red star enclosed in a black circle. The circle represents unity, its color, black, shows that we are an underground community. The points on the red star represent all of the players that do not understand our creed. The points flow into the stars center showing that all are welcome to work with us in seeking to understand the truth. The red color represents that we are active in our communications with others both inside and outside the Revolution.

“Live the Creed”