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Thread: The Untermag Revolution Creed

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    Originally posted by AGD
    If we are branded a cult we might as well do something constructive with it.

    Hey Tom are you gonna brew up some Kool-Aide?

    Nice creed, but does that mean we can't laugh at BE Talons anymore?

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    koolaid sounds fun, but instead of that whole kill yourself w/ cyniad thing(its kinda bad for our image, wait, errr we have no image)....
    why cant we try something more fun, like
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    [little kid voice]

    can i join? can i can i can i?

    [/little kid voice]

    Anyways Tom, I don't know if you remember me, Havoc introduced me to you on Friday, I'm the one who was selling my Impy for the tricked RTP I bought...

    chuff chuff

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    k, your added.
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    how's this?

    100px x 72px PNG

    or this (wider corona radius)

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    i like that one

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    I posted this in another thread but I want in, I don't bash and I'm willing to keep up the discussions supporting the anti-misconceptions.

    (Plus you gotta let me in, RobJ can vouch for me!)

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    ya, hes very chuffworthy.

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    The Creed: very nice.

    I rigged my own sig pic using the original base of one of the others
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    Thanx Tom you put into words what i could not.

    ...ever in the continual search of time dilation.

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    I live where my stuff is
    I have been silent for a while reading and not seeing anything worth posting for but this time i think its safe to say i'm in
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    WHy am I suddenly reminded of a book I read in High School for english class? I believe it was called "The Wave". Anyone else know this book?

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    I think tonight I'll start a bonfire, through some other markers in it, and dance around the naked naked chanting Chuff Chuff.

    Is that weird?
    Or better yet, why don't you kill yourself. No, really, die. Drop dead, don't leave a note, in fact burn your house while your little ego is stuck in a bench vice so that you'll also incenerate yourslef and everything you own with it. Because that's all you're worth. You're not even wirh thte time it'll take for the house to burn down, so just kill yourself. You're a waste of space. You are nothing, you always will be nothing. Don't leave a note, you're not worth the ink. - Tyger

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    I guess, since I've been doing the "chuff chuff" thing down at the field since I put my lvl 10 IN, back in March, I should probably join up. Well, that and, I'm all about supporting the underdog, yo. I spend a good hour-hourandahalf at the field every day I play, fixing little kids' markers and teaching them about them. :-) And I enjoy doing it, and making them feel good about their BE Marauder Walmart purchase.

    So, sign me up. I'll post on the other thread too... peace --Dave
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    anyone want a shirt?

    maybe i could do these with enough interest...

    the opposite side could say Chuff Chuff
    sigs are overrated.

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    sooo chuffin sweet, just wish i had some chuffin cash.

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    Doah! I sold my emag for a Viking too. But I think that spiritually, AKA and AGD are very much alike. And I'm gonna need a second marker at some point (heeeellloooo X-mag)

    Chuff Chuff

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    print: "I do not exist" under the chuff chuff on the back of that shirt and make an xxlg one and consider it sold.
    whats yer askin' price?

    Florida peeps...step up!!
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    I like the shirt Jam..I just had an idea that probably already been thought about but, what if, after we go into underdog underground status , we have a portion of ao that only the chuffist of chuffers know about, and have the forum passworded as well..just a thought and keep on chuffin
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    I defintely think the font should be some sort of Parastroika type thing..

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    Does anyone else have a problem with a star in a circle? It seems satanic!

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    I think maybe if the star was upside down and hollow a la a pentagram then maybe... It definitely reminds me of some soviet era parastroika type insignia..

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    Looks like Commies to me!

    I wonder if you can be Wang with Chuff?

    I shoulda been there cause I woulda voted for "Chug Chug" with this group!!!

    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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    LittlePaintballBoy Guest
    Originally posted by Steeratt
    Doah! I sold my emag for a Viking too. But I think that spiritually, AKA and AGD are very much alike. And I'm gonna need a second marker at some point (heeeellloooo X-mag)

    Chuff Chuff
    yeah we were talking about this at pizza after the meet remember?

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    Now i need a mag...I WANT TO BE ONE OF THE CHUFFERS

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    Cult AGD inspiration...

    Monty Python: The quest of the holy Marker:

    Sir Bedemere: "And what sound does a 'Mag make?"
    Rabble crowd member 1: "Barks like a dog."
    Rabble crowd member 2: "It sounds like a newt!"
    Rabble crowd member 3: "Ni! Ni!"
    King Richard: "Chuff chuff."
    Sir Bedemere: "Exactly, which means?"
    Rabble Crowd member with puzzled look on his face: "If it doesn't break paint..."
    Sir Bedemere: "And?"
    Rabble Crowd member looking ever more puzzled: "and... it goes 'chuff chuff'...."
    Sir Bedemere: "Then?"
    Rabble Crowd member still quite puzzled: "it's a.... a... 'Mag sir?"
    Sir Bedemere: "Exactly, and therefore?"
    Rabble crowd as a whole: "Burn it!"
    -Rabble runs off with the paintball gun to set fire to it...
    Sir Bedemere: "I see you are wise in the ways of science."
    King Richard: "You have to know these things when you're king."
    Sir Bedemere drops to one knee: "My liege!"

    Tim: "It's a wretched beast, a monstrosity, just look at all the bones!"
    Sir Lancelot: "Where's it hiding? Behind the rabbit?"
    Tim: "It *IS* the rabbit."
    King Richard: "Right. Sir red shirt security officer (expendable character), go get it."
    Sir Red Shirt Security Officer (expendable character): "Right. Have at you!"
    Vorpal Bunny: "Chuff chuff!"
    -Lots of screams and Sir Richard soils himself...

    The 'Mag-trix:

    Neo: "I know 'Mag fu."
    Morpheus: "Show me."
    Neo: "Chuff chuff."

    Ghandi Jr: "Know this, that there is no blender, only 'chuff chuff'."

    Agent Smith: "Mr. Anderson, how good to see you again."
    -Cut to the operator's terminal...
    Tank: "What's Neo doing?"
    Trinity: "Neo... Run!"
    Morpeus: "He's making a stand, he's going to fight."
    -Cut back to fight scene...
    Neo strikes a fighting pose: "Chuff chuff."

    Terminator 1:

    Arnold: "Chuff chuff."
    Police officer behind bulletproof glass: "Excuse me?"
    Arnold: "I'll be back."

    Reese: "It knows no emotion, you can't bargin with it, it won't stop until you're dead."
    Sara: "This can't be real, this can't be happening!"
    Terminator: "Chuff chuff."

    Chinese proverbial question:

    "If lvl 10 activates in the forest where no one can hear it, does it go 'chuff chuff'?"

    -Evil Bob

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    here are some pics I made using Russian Revolution posters..

    lol hope you like em.

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    next.. and for now, last one..

    (Still looking for good posters.)

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    Chuff Chuffle Shuffle?

    I know its really Truffle Chuffle

    CNC Emag
    Featherlight Viking

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