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Thread: cgraham77 feedback page

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    cgraham77 feedback page

    just opening thread so you guys will have somewhere to post
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    Got an RT Pro from Cgraham.

    It's in the described condition, which is pretty good, and shipped as promised.

    I DID have a small issue:

    Cgraham actually had a deal with Rogue Factor to sell it for around $350, the same RTPro that was sold to me for $415. The deal, according to Rogue Factor was set until I made my offer, in which he asked Rogue Factor to bid me up, which he did not.

    He did not mention that he was going to try to make an Auction out of this, nor did he inform me that he had a prior seller. My initial offer was $400, and we haggled to the price of $415. I'm not saying that this was at all Dishonest, as I cannot say that I would have not done so myself. Simply said, it's good business, and bad business on my part for not completely low-balling him at first

    anyway, If it's dishonesty, or plain Good-Business, I'll let you decide

    I'd probably trade with CGraham again, but I'd be a bit more careful

    My Trading Feedback

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    Great guy. We traded guns straight up my impy for his emag stuff on both and I got exactly what I was expecting. Really fast sending too (sorry UPS isnt as quick as priority since it goes on sat. ) Great gun can't wait to take it out this weekend and give it a spin. Really nice and clean looking though. Definetly will trade with again.
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    cgraham77 recently bought my emag body. His communication was good and he promptly paid over paypal. It was a quick easy transaction and I would glady to business with him again.

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    Wow, He paypaled me the payment for a body before I could even blink. Real fast guy, real nice guy to deal with, real easy guy to deal with. Id recommend him anytime.

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