Hey guys this is my opinion on the subject. You may believe there is a better way so post it! This is not all inclusive and doesn’t intend to be. I hope the mods sticky this since this question gets asked about every ten minutes on AO.

How to build a mag.


Well, one day I was running around a few forums and noticed that more and more folks wanted to build there own mechanical Automag. I believe the increase in Automag interest stems from AGD’s new line of innovated products. Previous Automag owners had problems with weight and chopping. Both of these problems were solved in the last year by two major product groups, The Level 10 Low Impact Superbolt Kit and Ultra Light Engineering (ULE).

The Level 10 Low Impact Superbolt Kit was designed as a dual stage bolt. The first stage, when confronted with a foreign object that applies an opposing force, allows gas to be vented when a ball is half loaded in the breech. The second half continues to close the breech bolt area and fire the paintball.
Ultra Light Engineering (ULE) is a multitude of products rather than a single part. The theme of ULE could be summed up as follows “make a bunch of the cool stuff we always had, yet out of aluminum and add a few improvements.” ULE products include:
• ULE body- cocker barrel threads, angel thread vertical feed or warpfeed, angel ball detents
• ULE body rail- interior of the body rail is milled of excess material
• ULE Emag trigger frame- unnecessary material is removed to decrease weight.
• X valve- Same as the retro, emag, and RT pro valve yet made out of aluminum and also includes the lvlX bolt
• ULE trigger- takes the stock mag rigger from a 3lbs pull to a 15oz pull.

These are all great products however lets get to the mag building!