The Untermag Revolution can not be about hype and promotion otherwise it would go against its own creed. It must not be about Tom Kaye or AGD either. Nor must it be a club or group of people. It must be a philosophy, a way of life, something that you feel is in your heart and that you would believe in, even if there were no others around. For this to succeed, it must continue as it has formed, an underground revolution. Like an iceberg there must only be the smallest tip showing, but a large mass hidden under the water. Its not about logos or stickers or chuffing your way through a mass of people, its about you and what you believe. If you make a decision in life about what is right and wrong for you, it will make you stronger. That strength will show itself to other people in the way you communicate and act every day. This inner strength will make you different from the others and at some point they will come to you trying to understand why. That is when you will discuss how you came to believe in what you do and why you do it. This will be slightly different for all revolutionists but always revolve around the creed.

We do not want the other forums or even paintball in general to link to pics of the red star and laugh about how “clultish” that is. We don’t want people to abandon this philosophy for the next cool club. We want people to know that it exists but only find it after a motivated search. If a player asks you about the red star on your t-shirt your answer should be “why do you ask?” not “yea I am a revolutionist”. The words “chuff, chuff” should pop up out of nowhere when someone tells you something stupid, only then identifying your beliefs.

We want the general public to know very few details about the revolution so they don’t form their own opinions before they understand that it is a phylosophy. Its all about a search for the truth and your personal decision to embrace that concept or not. The decision to join is a personal one and should be done after some lengthy thought. In fact this revolution started a long time ago, most of you are here because you have believed in this for a while, now we have given it a name and we are together as one.

As revolutionists we must be accepting of others decisions and know that this philosophy is far ranging. “I bought this marker because I thought it had the coolest milling I have ever seen” is a revolutionist statement, it is true to itself, honest, direct and non-hype. “ I saw Rocky shooting this thing and he was ripping on it so I got one to see what it would be like to shoot” is also a revolutionist statement. “ I saw Rocky shooting it so I knew it had to be the best gun out there” gets a chuff, chuff. “I shoot this marker because the rest of my team does and we look cool with matching jersies and markers” gets you in the revolution. “I shoot this marker because it’s the best and everyone uses them” gets you chuffed. Understanding the differences in those statements is the personal responsibility of everyone who joins this group. It is the motive behind the thoughts and not the content that we try to understand and improve.

We now have a name, a creed and way to proceed. Let’s see what we can do with it!!