I have been watching the development of this for a while...I was tempted to join in on the club early on...but I'm particular about this stuff, and don't just join cause its cool and get all caught up in it. Then I saw Tom advocating it and took more of an interest.

Thing is, I've been a mag user for a few years now, have 3 mags, and all the people I paintball w/ know what my story is, and know me as kind of the 'tech' guy of our team since owning a mag has taught me to be mechanically inclined...and people asking me to work on their markers, etc. I've also taken a LOT of heat for owning a mag, so I know what thats like. This club is a good idea, since I know the priciples Tom outlined for the club match up w/ my philosophy regarding mags...that I was one of the few from the small slice of the pie (so to speak) that actually did research and had my purchasing decisions based on my own observations and findings (back in the level 7 days)...and what is keeping my from this club is people who think its a joke with going around spouting off of 'chuff chuff' every chance they get, and wanting to make t-shirts and stickers and stuff....??? It's supposed to be an underground club right? 'Chuff Chuff' shouldn't be some loosely tossed around phrase for you to let everyone know that your in some secret club. It should actually be something that is hardly ever heard, but widely understood and acknowledged throughout the group. I mean its cool to have a logo, maybe put it on your hopper, or maybe a secretive red start in a black circle w/ no description on a t-shirt...but come guys! Lets not just be like...we now have a club, lets make a bunch of merch. and announce it to the world.

I think the club is a good idea...but it is a magnet just for those who are looking to jump on some kind of bandwagon so they can say they belong to a secretive club and whatnot.(not talking about all the members here) Again, I believe the club is a good idea, actually an excellent idea, but I'm not going to just 'jump on the bandwagon' just to do it...I'm going to give it a little time...if I can see all the members doing what Tom posted as guidlines, and taking it seriously, you'll see me signing up fairly soon

Just my opinions on the matter.