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Thread: Regarding the smart parts patent thread/ situation

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    Regarding the smart parts patent thread/ situation

    Mods, and others ive alredy posted this information on the smart parts thread, so you can delete if you want to, but i figured people would see this better than where i posted on page 14.


    IMO i think someone or a mod should take all the information we have on this situation and make a new thread on it. Only facts should be in the thread, and intelligent points/discussions.

    Then we could start over and let other people, who dont want to go through 14 pages of info see whats going on.

    Any off beat discussions, or I HATE SMARTPARTS comments could be deleted and we could update the thread when further information comes out. Just a thought...

    Until then, This hurts me as a player, to see my sport struggle more then what it already needs to.


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    Good idea man.

    Heres WickedAirSportz's report about the SP problem:
    Smart Parts broadended their patent, and it was revised in January. The patent is very broad. The patent covers ANY paintball marker that has an on/off switch. This means Spyders with electronic triggers, Intimidators, Angels, Matrices, Bushmasters, and anything else with a battery will be in violation of Smart Parts' patent.

    On Friday, a judge approved Smart Parts' request to proceed with their lawsuit for patent infringements. On September 3rd, a trial will begin. This is moving very quickly.

    As a patent consultant myself, and can not understand how the patent can be granted, as it will impede technology, which is one of the things that a patent can never do.

    Smart Parts is rumored to want a million dollar signing fee, and $75 per unit sold for a royalty fee.

    I would recommend contacting Smart Parts and expressing your concern.

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    No... if anything we will clean it up and delete some of it AFTER its done with all the mess. No point in doing it till its run its course. But NO MORE THREADS ON IT. Keep em in that one.



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