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Thread: AONJ3 Tourney (need player)

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    AONJ3 Tourney (need player)

    David and I (A5 Capo and NJPaint) are looking for a 3rd player for the 3 player tournament. We are semi-decent rec ball players. Whoever wants to join us shouldn't have high hopes, because we have never played in a tournament. So anyone that is also "semi-decent" reply here. Thanks.
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    Hey guys:

    Me and three of my buddies are coming to play at the NJDay. Since the teams are three man and there's four of us, I'll play with you and let the three of them play together.

    I'm an ok speedballer, but I primarily play recball too. just playing for fun.
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    cool. sounds good to me. we play some recball, too, but we do mostly speedball. as long as you have some experience w/ paintball (any type), you have my ok, but i'll let thomas (njpaint) know so he can ok it too. thanks.

    btw, the entry fee is $20 per team, so we figured we'd split that 3 ways (like $7-$7-$6), in which case you could have the 6.

    my AIM handle is FSpider550 or A5Capo (either one, but i tend to use FSpider550 more). send me an IM if you want to talk. See you tomorrow! (and do an anti-rain dance if you get a chance!)

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