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Thread: Automag fastest cycle rate

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    Automag fastest cycle rate

    Could some1 inform me of the fastest mag you ever heard of and how fast they can cycle per second


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    First off, welcome to AO

    A member here with the name of Jack & Coke has achieved 33 cycles per second. This test was with the X-valve.

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    I was debating with a friend of the fastest cycle rate of a gun. He believed that an Angel Speed was faster than an mag.

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    what is the fastest RT Pro cycle rate??
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    Re: wow

    Originally posted by batteryfree
    what is the fastest RT Pro cycle rate??
    The RTPro uses the same valve (X-valve or Retro-valve) as the mag that Jack & Coke tested.

    BTW, the mag that jack & Coke tested was a mechanical mag, not an Emag.

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