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Thread: AONJ3 *two thumbs up*

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    AONJ3 *two thumbs up*

    Great day, met a lot of people from these here forums. I must admit, I didn't know we had such a cool community! Everyone was out there having a great time and were really great to be around, on and off the field. Had a blast, actually played in my first tournament and did fairly well... Made the semis!

    Anyways, my only complaint is that the paint was hard as hell. (was Severe Storm) Lots of bounces, got annoying in the tournament and was painful at times because you got hit a few extra times every time you got hit. But hey, $45 on a decent field, its hard to complain.
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    ahh i didnt go because i woke up at 2, and it was raining
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    yeah the ao day was pretty cool. seemed teh walk on games were lacking in the morning but later in teh day more people started playing and there were more consistent games going on. man that sup air field was muddy heh, and it was REALLY freakin hot and muggy. my wrists and other things are hurting like you wouldnt belive heh lol

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    stop comlaining people we had beautiful weather dont you guys remember that is was suppose to rain. i had a great time so did my guests. again im thanking tuna for hooking me up big time and it was pretty cool i also did the tourny but we were all newbs and had no clue what to do but it was cool and i truly as well didnt realise that our AO community was so cool like that and imagine we only known each other before that by screennames. really cool time thanks again to everyone that helped me. there is also a bigger sticky thread
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    yo, tommy! i was one of njpaint's partners in crime today (not literally, of course). we played in the tourney w/ Shag, NiteHawk, automaggin2, and 1stdeadeye. we sucked as Pick-Up, but did pretty nicely as I Have No Idea. i had wanted to have our team called Bairy Halls, but that obviously didn't go very far. oh year. in terms of the organization of the event, i thought blackcell did a great job w/ planning and also w/ maintaining safety and cooking good burgers. whoever missed AO-NJ missed a great time, but there's always next year.

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