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what problems are most likely to occur if the on/off pin is bent?

i may have bent my pin, barely perceptible but i know that in a mag tolerances run tight.

the bolt is not resetting fully, it gets stuck about 1-2mm before it fully resets, could a bent pin be the cause?

also, is gold cup oil better than autolube for the Xvalve?

please help quick, i have a game on sunday!

thanks in advance.
Hey bro, if your on/off pin is bent, I don't think it will cycle at all. I'm having the same problem. I'm thinking about finding a washer that'll fit around the outside of the bolt but not exceed the diameter if the edge and see if that takes care of the re-cocking problem. You could also stretch that medium spring out, buuuut stretch it too far and the gun won't fire