So I've got an XValve with a ULT Trigger and LVL 10 bolt. When I air it up I can hear air coming from the trigger area. When I pull and hold the trigger the gun fires and resets no problem, the leak also stops. It resumes leaking when I release the trigger.

As far as I know the LVL 10 system works as intended and isn't the problem. I've tuned it and seems to be working properly. I can only hear leaking from the on/off area.

I've completely gone through this marker to make sure it isn't anything else. Leaks when gassed up, but immediately stops after the trigger is pulled. No leak down the barrel. It is definitely coming from this assembly. I've lubed everything up and gone through the ULT several times and everything looks to be in order.

So, I'm at a loss. Anyone know the Oring sizes on this thing? I believe it's the "White O-Ring" in this picture that is the culprit.