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    BlackVCG's ULT Thread

    First of all, this is a thread dedicated to the installation, tuning and operation of the Ultra Light Trigger (ULT) for AGD products. This can be purchased at

    This on/off assembly will fit and is recommended for the following:

    Aluminum RT-Pro Valves

    This on/off assembly can fit but is NOT recommended for the following:

    E-Mags w/ double o-ring top
    Micro E-Mags
    MiniMag AIR Valves
    68Automag Valves
    Classic Automag Valves

    This on/off assembly will NOT fit the following:

    Stainless Steel RT-Pro Valves
    Retro Valves
    E-Mags w/ single o-ring top
    Original RTs w/ Banjo Bolt valve

    Here are some pictures of the on/off hole in various valves to show the difference between single o-ring and double o-ring.

    E-Mag Valve with double o-rings. (Note the black quad o-ring which is special to the E-Mag only)

    Retro Valve with single o-ring. This valve will NOT accept the ULT.

    X-Valve. All of these valves have double o-rings and they are now coming installed on new RT-Pros. Both o-rings are removed from the valve, but you can see that the bottom does not have a step in it like Retro Valve. The gray spot at the bottom is just an unanodized spot.

    Here is the Classic AIR valve. The same valve used in Automags, Minimags, etc. This valve has always and will always be a double o-ring valve and will accept the ULT, but it is not recommended for use in the this valve. It does not recharge fast enough and thus it is too easy to short stroke.

    Sorry about the valve picture quality. It's hard to get in close and get a sharp picture and get enough light on it to show the inside of the on/off without making too much glare.

    ULT Exploded Parts View

    From left to right:

    On/Off top o-ring (Same o-ring as on/off center o-ring for RT on/off assembly)

    On/Off top w/ o-ring. (O-ring is same as Level 7 PT o-ring and on/off top outer o-ring in double o-ring valves.)

    On/Off center o-ring. (New part for ULT. Rubber o-ring, not urethane. Very small, do not lose.)

    Shims for adjusting sealing point of on/off top o-ring. (Same dimensions as Level 10 shims, but .005" thick instead of .010")

    On/Off bottom w/ o-ring. (Same o-ring as on/off top outer o-ring)

    On/Off pin support. (Install after on/off assembly is screwed together. Place grease around outside before inserting into on/off bottom to keep from falling out.)

    On/Off Pin. (Very fragile. Take special care when installing. Install so larger diameter head is at top of on/off assembly.)


    These are some videos of me shooting the ULT on my XRTP. This is pretty much the first time I got out and shot the thing, so I'm pretty slow. I am wearing safety glasses, if you can't tell. Sorry about the extra time in the video of me turning on and off the camera. I was the only one around when I took these videos. Also, sorry about the plane flying overhead in the first video. Didn't even notice it was there until after I filmed the clip. At least I can fan the trigger now...

    Right click on the links and save them to your computer.
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