View Full Version : ***Important! All To Read This***

01-16-2006, 09:11 PM
Many of you are NOT following the rules for this forum.
Sticky Thread By Load SM5..right at the top of this forum so re-read and post accordingly.

You may NOT use the "up" "to the top" etc etc post IF your thread is still on the first page...whilst we now have more than one page of threads still people are bumping threads that are STILL ON THE FIRST PAGE....don't do this

Interferring with Sellers thread by bashing prices, percieved values et al will NOT be tolerated. If you don't like the price and the seller has NOT said they will take offers then DO NOT POST.

Threadjacking with offers (low ball) or otherwise will NOT be tolerated.

You have been warned.

This new forum section was created to HELP you guys/girls sell items to likeminded people...afterall we are all paintballers who do have other interests. Treat it like a private roasting forum and you WILL be gone from here.