View Full Version : WTT: Nintendo WiiU Bundle (Black, 32GB) w/ ZombiU & Pro Controller - WANT TWISTERS

Frizzle Fry
10-27-2012, 03:21 PM
Before you report this as spam...

I work in the tech industry and this is not a joke. I've got a brand new Nintendo Wii U waiting for me at work, I can take it home on November 17th. It is the more desirable "Black Bundle" featuring a 32GB model rather than the "Standard White" 8GB model. There will be a grand total of one million WiiU units available in the US in 2012 for the holiday season, a majority of which are the "Standard White" model. More units are predicted by Nintendo to be available in spring of 2013; too late for the holidays.

These babies have gone as high as $1400 as pre-orders on Ebay for just the unit; mine will include a new/sealed promotional copy of ZombiU by Ubisoft (the most desirable new "M-Rated" title for the new system) and a black "Wireless Pro Controller" ergonomically similar to the Xbox 360 style, and completely wireless (unlike previous traditional controllers which plugged into the wireless Wii controller) as well as the standard contents of the bundle. The Wii can also use the standard Wii and Wii Motion+ controller and Nunchuk.

The bundle includes:
(1) Nintendoland (new/sealed game, msrp $59.99)
(1) Black Wii U Console, 32GB internal memory
(1) Black Wii U Gamepad Tablet Controller
(1) Black Wii U Console Stand
(1) Black Wii U Tablet Stand
(1) Black Wii U Gamepad Cradle
(1) Nintendo Brand HDMI Cable
(1) Wii U Sensor Bar

I will also include:
(1) ZombiU (new/sealed game, msrp $59.99)
(1) WiiU Pro Controller (msrp $49.99)

Here's the deal...

I lost my favorite BPS Twister and I am looking to replace it... I want to trade for a full-mill standard (non-clamshell) Twister, specifically an centerfeed STO or EVO model. Raw or finished is fine - does not have to be a fancy anodizing pattern. Because I need to have a price, we'll say $1030 plus cost of shipping, paid via PayPal. Trades much preferred.

Frizzle Fry
11-14-2012, 08:36 PM
Who wants this? Looking at any and all Twisters and Xmags.