View Full Version : Automags.org Welcome to the AO picture gallery forum!!

05-16-2018, 08:46 AM
AO: Welcome to the thread-based picture gallery for Automags.org. I wanted to add all of my pictures that I have gathered throughout the years and attach them into the Automags.org database. The current picture gallery is hosted by Cincopa. With the recent issues with photobucket I wanted to make sure that we preserve the history of the AGD platform as much as possible. Over the last 18 years, AO has lost databases and 3rd party hosted pictures. I want to make sure the next 18 years at least has photographic proof for new enthusiasts to enjoy. The threads in this post will only be created by Admins. I want to limit the amount of galleries to organize the pictures better. I really like the "Official" Automag picture gallery, but I want to add functionality to it with the ability to find exactly the type of marker you are looking for.

Enjoy! :cheers: