• Some things to come in '08...DeadlyWind Chord v2 bodies!

    Ive been quietly working on some stuff for the fast approaching '08 season.

    It took some bribing(yes, $$$) to get Colin to go back to the drawing board and recreate his machining code so that these could be done. The Chord v2's have been in the works since the summer! Anybody that has sent Colin a Slug knows that these things take time.

    For those who arent familiar with the Chord, they are the ORIGINAL mag Ripper style body, and arguably the best. Machined from an authentic AGD Slug body.

    They will come polished and anodized gloss black, with the RPG Sub-Zero feedneck and RPG ReTents.

    Im out of the office at the moment, but here are some pics I found of the Chord v2, for your viewing pleasure.

    There are a few other details that are still a surprise. Hold tight...there is more to come