• Problems in this Xmag Batch

    Well as usual something comes up to ruin my day. We have converted to a standard aluminum valve to elminate the problems of keeping valves with different logos in stock. We decided on a plain X for all of them. Unfortunately we forgot to check the logo position in the Xmags before we lasered all that we have.

    Now it turns out that the logo hides under the Xmag body as shown below. We will not have another batch of valves come through for a couple months so we cant simply replace them.

    For those of you with guns in this batch here are your options.
    1. You can refuse the order
    2. You can take the gun as is and get a replacement valve when they become available in a couple months.
    3. You can take the gun as is and get a 50 dollar discount, no valve replacement.
    4. You can refuse the order and get inline in the next batch after this one that is processing through now. We only have of the current batch in house so the others still coming in will have this problem too.

    By now everyone should just expect this kind of thing when it comes to Xmags. Also if you saw your gun in the pics you might not be getting it because we sent a bunch back because of scratches in the ano.

    Sorry again,