• AO: Can anyone identify this custom automag?

    AO: Just wondering if anyone has the back story about this custom automag.

    Hopefully someone can identify this so I can post this in the CMS. And/or purchase it.
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    1. BTAutoMag's Avatar
      BTAutoMag -
      There is a long thread on pbn about it I can't find right now. Gives the full history
    1. Freedy500's Avatar
      Freedy500 -
      BtAutomag: is this the one you were taking about? If so bunny looked into it but we only got the all around history and information on it. We could not get ahold of the guy.

    1. bowcycle's Avatar
      bowcycle -
      I know this thread is old, but it seems a shame to lose this mag all over again. The only place I can find a photo of it is here.

      Not the best pic, but better than nothing.

      edit: I followed the link in the screen shot, and there's still one pic of the marker here.

      edit2: I just saw that Bunny still has a number of pics of the marker in the "Automag Customs" gallery, but it would be cool if something still popped here.
    1. 1985phenom's Avatar
      1985phenom -
      From the PBN thread. I was not able to open the pics that the user posted.