• Aztec Prototype X-mag

    Below is the Aztec prototype. No-one on AO liked it originally so it never went to production… (but then not everyone liked the C&C either…) It’s nicer in the flesh and feels very ‘primevil’ to hold. It’s definitely different. The battery case was just following the same design theme around the X-mag ‘X’ logo…The way the metal cuts makes it very hard to appreciate it, and you can ‘see’ or not ‘see’ features purely depending on the direction the tool went across the surface.
    Parts look very different once polished and annodised. It was amazing with the C&C how many people didn’t like it as a raw prototype but then loved it once polished and annodised. And also how many more people liked it once they saw it in real life rather than just in pictures.

    Quite amazing really. And one reason I am not an advocate of showing prototype work too early on here anymore.

    Also it sucks for you guys to see stuff so early in the prototype stages and expect to see it out the next month when in reality that just isn’t how it works.

    **Aztec Video 3:16