• Proteam Products eMicro 2000

    The e-Mag Micro 2000 was unveiled along side the Airgun Designs E-mag at the 2000 ZAP International Amateur Open in Pittburgh on Wednesday August 2nd. The response was OVERWHELMING!

    ReTro Valve Reactive Trigger Response, Programmable Firing Mode, Ultra Viz LED Display, and a Mechanical Firing Mode option are Standard! Don't forget to check out Airgun Designs new web page @ www.airgun.com for updates on the E-Mag and new Warp Feed as well!

    E-Micros are in the final stages of production, and we hope to have some available by World Cup in Orlando. Response is overwhelming, and demand is HUGE, but we will do our best to accomodate everyone, as quickly as possible.

    e-Mag Micro 2000 Competition Deluxe Model shown in Ultra Nickel.

    Graphic Anodizing: +$100.00
    Sight Upgrade: +$95.00
    Barrel Upgrade: +$50.00

    Tournament Update: Jacksonville Warriors win Nashville 2000 NPPL with E-Mags! The Jacksonville Warriors, led by captain Paul "PGP" Bollenbach, swept the 10 Man Amateur "A" division to score a resounding victory for the E-Mag in it's very first tournament appearance! Tom Kaye, Airgun Designs' President, was on hand to give the Warriors valuable technical advice on the latest E-Mag features. The pre-production E-Mags worked flawlessly, and the team credits much of their victory on both the E-mag's performance, and Airgun Designs strong show of support. Stay tuned for updates as the E-Mag, and e-Mag Micro 2000, hit the Fall & Winter 2000 tournament circuit.

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