• World Cup 1996: AGD Unveils Automag RT

    AGD releases the Automag RT at World Cup 96. Automag RT's serial numbered 41 through 100 were made available for sale here at the World Cup.

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    1. BTAutoMag's Avatar
      BTAutoMag -
      in the article tom hints at a force feed system that let him feed 26bps but declined to comment further... what was that about?
    1. Frizzle Fry's Avatar
      Frizzle Fry -
      Well he did patent the design seen in the Viewloader Revolution (agitated loader), had a patent on a belt-drive loader (forcefed loader, and created/marketed the Warpfeed (forcefed system). The reason he left those additional ports on the Classic R/T was to allow for the use of "future air-powered accessories" so that could be it, too.

      Just read the article; didn't mean to repeat what was in it exactly LOL. I guess that line stuck with me from the first time I heard it 17 years ago.
    1. Ando's Avatar
      Ando -
      Wasn't it Simon who came up with the design and first build of the warp? Or am I just being an old fart box and getting things mixed up...