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    AGD When Are You, If that, Going to Release the Long Stroke Bolt and Valve Assembly? Details please.(If any you could give away)

    Just wondering. Because I'm thinking about buying a mag and I don't want to buy something that I will have to upgrade later.
    The long stroke bolt is NOT a retrofit. It has to have the whole gun built around it or at least the valve, bolt and mainbody. Don't expect a nice little parts kit, it's not like that. The poll we are doing here shows a definite split on the idea. We don't like to make things that don't get a 90% good response here on AO. I'd say that for right now the system is on hold.

    While it's on hold we are working hard on the vert feed to reduce blowback and eliminate any feeding issues. We have made a lot of progress but there is still the possibility of chopping when the Rev. doesn't react fast enough. So now THAT is on hold until we get the HALO in.

    We talked to Chris at HALO today and they are sending up one of the few coveted prototypes for us to have. In appreciation of our help on the project he is getting me a custom lizard face on the housing

    So everything is backed up waiting for the HALO so we can figure out if we have to do any more to it or not.