• Prototype Vert and Power Feed Main Body NEED FEEDBACK!!

    AO Research Team.

    Once again I am calling on you to help in a development project. The HALO research is showing that vertical feeds on ALL guns do not have as good ball control as power feeds. This is why you see the power feed Emag shooting 16 BPS in the HALO videos and no others.

    We realize you like the vertical feeds because it centers the hopper on the gun with no bias on which side of the bunker you shoot from. Here is our solution, a combination power and vertical feed that offers the best of both worlds. This is a quick prototype and the tube is not quite vertical but we just want to see what you think of it. FIRE AWAY!!

    Thanks from your team leader,


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    1. Tao's Avatar
      Tao -
      I am a bit late to this party, but very interesting.

      to be honest, I think the extra inch or so to the hopper's height would probably be felt by most people. I think lower target area is more important that a ball or two extra down range.

      I would personally much rather a new warp feed design or something to that effect. There are some issues with the soldering of the power wires, the battery compartment could be larger to accommodate custom 10-12v batteries, and even an overall increase of feed rate, since hoppers these days are on par with the original warp feed.

      Ideally a new gun with an integrated low profile feed assist would be nice. I know it would be a niche market, but I wouldn't be surprised if you would enjoy a year or so deviation back to designing markers from your exploits in astronomy and paleontology.
    1. Frizzle Fry's Avatar
      Frizzle Fry -
      IIRC that prototype is from 2002 or so, around when I first joined the site. Parties over, dude :P