• Anodizing Patterns

    This is a placeholder post until we can gather up information. Click on the title link and comment below to add any information you have.

    Blue Nights
    Blue Tiger
    Cool Camo
    Gold Rush
    Jungle Nights
    Jungle Sunrise
    Jungle Sunset
    Jungle Sunset
    PBGEAR-Blue Green Splash
    PBGEAR-Blue/Yellow Fade
    PBGEAR-Red Blue Fade
    PBGEAR-Tequila Tiger
    Purple Haze
    Purple Nights
    Red Nights
    Smart Parts Anodizing
    Tropical Jungle
    Ultra Black
    Ultra Gold
    Ultra Green
    Ultra Nickel
    Ultra Purple
    Wild Satin Iguana
    Wild Tiger
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    1. Frizzle Fry's Avatar
      Frizzle Fry -
      Are you looking for AGD patterns, Eclipse patterns, Taso patterns, PTP patterns?

      I'm working on some "artists renderings" of PTP patterns for the Micromag section.
    1. Bunny's Avatar
      Bunny -
      For this subcategory I was going to put just PTP patterns. We should put all the types of patterns at some point. There are so freaking many though....
    1. BTAutoMag's Avatar
      BTAutoMag -
      i dont have permission
    1. Frizzle Fry's Avatar
      Frizzle Fry -
      No worries kids. I've owned many patterns and have pictures of many more. Also got Tracy on the speed dial. I'm working up some "swatches" of PTP pattern; been working on it for a few weeks now. I want to have them all done before I post up; I'll get it done ASAP.