• Festus33's FSE-LX

    Every few years on AO someone posts information about the infamous "Festus33" designed body. It was made in 12-14-02, by AO member Festus33. It was one of the first custom slugs designs on AO.

    Well in all truth, it is a one off, I only made two of those bodies. One for Wallace9111, and one for Myself (it's pretty obvious which one was Mine)
    Wallace's had the scallop's cut with a ball end mill on the top facet's, and the chrome No-Rise centerfeed. Mine had clean facet's all around and the black No-Rise.
    Yes the body shown in the PBNation for sale thread Definetly is the one that I machined for Wallace9111. My personal gun was traded to SteveD from Aerostar, then sold I believe on EBay. I semi-retired from paintball about 2yr's ago, then pretty much completely retired this past year. I still have My System X black to blue fade NMe, but have'nt played in about a year and a half. The Wallace9111 body can easily be brought back up to the high polish it had when I shipped it to him originally, with the use of a buffing wheel and some jewelers rouge. It's kind of interesting to see that some folk's still remember where those came from

    Throughout the years, the Festus33 E-mag had been bought and sold and parted on ebay. SummaryJudgement had it for almost 6 years and was recently bought by AOer Bunny. Body was sold locally in Northern VA to a fellow AOer.

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      Doktor -
      Here's Recent photos of my Emag with Festus body, so that's a good piece now at home in good old Germany.

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