• Planet Eclipse: Anodizing Pattern I.D Guide

    Here is a running list of a few Planet Eclipse / Smart Parts splash names and examples. It gets a bit confusing trying to research all the different types of finishes since both companies shared the anodizing patterns. Below are a list of the "official" names of the colors. These were found from magazine articles and using "the wayback machine" to browse the old websites to see what was available in 1998.

    Planet Eclipse Anodizing Examples: Circa 1998

    Photos provided by KingAcquisitions & uzielgal.

    • Speedy Blue
    • Fire
    • Electric Skies
    • Ice
    • Banzai Green
    • Black & Chrome

    In 1999, Planet Eclipse had a contest to come up with your own anodizing idea. We are currently researching which color actually won the contest.

    Special Color Contest: http://web.archive.org/web/199905030...co.uk/comp.htm

    Planet Eclipse / Smart Parts Anodizing Examples: Around 1999-2001

    Photo provided by groquick

    • Crazy Black Splash (Black Base, Red Splash, White Splash)
    • Midnight Blue (Blue Base, Black Splash, White Splash)
    • Red, White & Blue (Burgundy Base, Blue Splash, White Splash)
    • British Racing Green (Dark Green Base, Black Sponge, Gold Splash)
    • Camo Splash (Brown Base, Tan Sponge, Dark Green Sponge, Gold Splash)
    • Gray Splash (Black Base, Gray Sponge, White Splash)
    • Midnight Green (Dark Green Base, Black Sponge, White Splash)
    • Blue Splash
    • Purple Splash
    • Red Splash
    • Midnight Purple (Black Base, Purple Sponge, White Splash)
    • Old Gray Splash Need picture
    • Cobalt Blue Need picture

    Solid Colors: Early

    P.E also offered solid colors as well. We have found examples of both Green and Silver.

    Smart Parts Example:

    One-Off Anodizing Patterns Circa 1998-2001
    Since P.E was a custom shop they would often let customers come up with their own ideas as well. You will see many slight variations of colors, but unfortunately we could not find the "official" name of the finish.

    [LIST][*]Purple Base, White Sponge, Light Blue Splash (Unofficial Name: Speedy Purple)