• When a ule is too heavy!!!!!! XULE Carbon Fiber Mainbodies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive had plans to make this carbon fiber body for several years now. The center section can be anodized before the body is glued together. This carbon fiber prototype body is a full ounce lighter than my ULE front body i produce out of 7075 Aluminum.....Thats a 25% reduction!!!

    Im also going to do a body that is a full tube of carbon fiber with a bolt on feedneck boss...It will have an aluminum insert inside.

    Both of these designs are just prototypes and will need to be durability tested before they can be released.
    I will snap some better pics out in the light...the carbon fiber looks amazing. Im going to make a minimag front for the body shown. I might also do a front that has a hex pattern instead of round holes.