• Custom Automags

    This is the "custom" automag picture gallery. It seems like most automags in existence are custom, but these couldn't really fit into any other category.
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    1. BTAutoMag's Avatar
      BTAutoMag -
      oooo... grabs popcorn
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      BTAutoMag -
      2 things, still waiting for you teo miraculously find old pictures of my beast. and that AK47 looking one, the one with the front wood grip, the ginormous battery pack and the wood grip panels is currently sitting in my kitchen

      was sent to me for minor tuning an valve repairs... I do happen to have access to a professional photogrpher with some free time
    1. Bunny's Avatar
      Bunny -
      Enjoy! With the help of mspd, we have been able to put up around 6 to 7,000 pictures of all different types of automags for the world to see. Unfortunately, when he organized his picture gallery he wasn't OCD so I had to manually move each picture into a particular folder. Keep on eye out on the AO archives for more pictures!!