• Who Was Fred Schultz? Remembering Great Players from the Past

    AO History Buffs,

    The name Fred Schultz came up in another thread. A guy bought a HPA tank that was a Fred Shultz signature series regulator. No one knows who Fred is any more and since he was a great friend of mine I think that is sad.

    Fred Schultz was a HUGE personality in paintball. He was MC for the Amateur Open many years in a row. His on stage presence was legendary, either you loved him or hated him but EVERYONE knew who he was. He was captain of Constant Pursuit a winning pro team in its day. He was on the cover of APG more times than anyone else. He was paid by Brass Eagle to do their paintball video. Women he didnít know propositioned him at tourneys.

    He had enough pull to get a paintball game into Disney World. I don't mean out behind the fence, I mean in MAIN STREET USA where they filmed us shooting each other. The ends of the streets were netted off and the Disney public watched it go down. If you go there today you might still see where we blew the corners off the foam buildings. This whole thing was setup for a paintball video, one of the first professionally done. Freds motto was "play fair and play clean" not something you would ever hear from a pro player today.

    Fields begged Fred to come and general at their big games. He had LOTS of sponsors including us, Vents, Zap, Brass Eagle and Adidas Fred had two dreams, be an actor in Hollywood and make money in paintball. Sadly neither came true and in the late 90ís he faded from view. No one has heard from him in years and sadly now his name is forgotten by all except the few of us still around.

    Fred wanted nothing more than to be able to make a living in the sport he loved so much. For those of you thinking about spending the rest of your lives in the paintball industry take heed.

    And now a few pictures in fond memory of a good friend.