• Amy "AIM" Schreier

    Amy Schreier was a spokes model for the infamous SFL emag back in 2002. She was also the special guest of one of the largest AO chat partys at the time.

    The MaximMag

    11/10/01 Amy "AIM" Schreier - yep, she's a badass. She's on the novice team Femmes Fatales, and as good as they look, they play even better! Jan shot this picture of Amy on Manchebo beach in Aruba - that lucky dog. Amy is holding the new Airgun Designs/Shocktech "MaximMag" SFL, aka the E-Mag Xtreme. Amy and the "MaximMag" will be in the February 2002 issue of Maxim Magazine due to hit news stands and mailboxes in the middle of January. There'll be more on both of them on MaximOnline.com at the beginning of February.

    Excerpt from the Maxim Magazine Interview:
    Interview with Amy Schreier of the Femmes Fatales

    TM: Hi
    Amy: Hi

    TM: Can we interview you for our crappy website?
    Amy: Yeah

    TM: What are you wearing...uh...How's it feel to be in Maxim?
    Amy: Um, I don't know, I haven't seen it yet (refering to the fact that we promised to send her a bunch of copies and then didn't), but from the slews of emails that Im getting I think it's pretty 같같in' cool.

    TM: If you were a cheese, what kind would you be and why?
    Amy: I would be swiss cheese cause it tastes good and there's no mistaking swiss cheese.

    TM: When did you start playing?
    Amy: With myself?
    TM: Paintball
    Amy: About a year ago

    TM: What position do you play?
    Amy: Mid back. Mid, but I can play every position really well.

    TM: Beer or liquor?
    Amy: Beer

    TM: Is it true that hot chics don't pass gas?
    Amy: No that's not true at all, we're the worst

    TM: I heard that nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina in the morning, is that true?
    Amy: no

    TM: What's the worst pickup line you've every heard?
    Amy: I must have a mirror in my pocket, cause I can see you in my pants.

    TM: How often do you floss?
    Amy: Everyday
    TM: Really?
    Amy: Of course

    TM: Happy Birthday by the way
    Amy: It's my birthday?
    TM: Guess not...

    TM: Have you every been "Happy Birthday'ed" by Team Strange?
    Amy: No

    TM: What's the best cinematic cat fight ever?
    Amy: It was in some 같같 film, Chics in Jail or something

    TM: What's your favorite cuss word?
    Amy: Um, 같같er

    TM: Spell "subcutaneous"
    Amy: Yeah right! Really? Ok. S-U-B (we hear typing)
    TM: Don't cheat (She cheated)

    TM: Would you ever consider marrying a ... Canadian?
    Amy: Oh sure

    TM: What color roses should a guy send you after a great second date?
    Amy: Yellow

    TM: What color paintballs should a guy buy you after you've bunkered his ***?
    Amy: Pink

    TM: Can you pee your name in the snow?
    Amy: Yep (We didn't ask...)

    TM: If we had had one good question to ask you, what should it have been?
    Amy: When can you see me next...