• AGD Cougar: Horrifying death of an AGD icon...

    R.I.P Dear AGD Lion Cougar. Killed by a lousy hit-and-run jerk...

    She got the AGD endorsement at the 2003 Amateur Open, and her public debut, after a many months long AO contest to design the graphic.

    Jon took her all over the eastern seaboard, and to school, becoming a regular sight.

    Goodbye sweet girl...

    (Jon is OK)
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    1. Frizzle Fry's Avatar
      Frizzle Fry -
      Before I click, I'm guessing this is when the Cougar was totaled?
    1. Bunny's Avatar
      Bunny -
      I would say.... yes
    1. Frizzle Fry's Avatar
      Frizzle Fry -
      That news was around the time I came back to AO and started playing again. I was seriously considering making my Mountaineer an AGD car.