• The Treasure Island Prototype Rifle

    Yea that is an interesting gun with an interesting story. First off I still have it in my collection. It was built for Steve Wynn when Treasure Island was under construction. Steve wanted a shooting gallery that actually shot something at targets on the "range" which was to be the side of an old sailing galleon. He wanted it to 'kick' like a real gun so I hollowed out the stock and put an air powered sliding hammer in there that actuated with the trigger pull. The air was fed in under the breach just in front of the trigger guard. They were going to use rubber balls but were having trouble finding ones that didn't bounce back out.

    If you remember Mike Lauterborn from Dual Mag fame he was handling things or us in Vegas with this project. When he met with Wynn to let him see and try the gun, Wynn was so excited that he dumped plans for the shooting gallery and wanted to do a themed ride where people would sit in a boat and go through a tunnel like Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World. He wanted to mount the guns on the edge of the boat to shoot at all the bad guys as they went through. So the shooting gallery got dumped and somewhere along the way so did the ride so all that is left of that story is my proto.

    Vegas baby I ALMOST made money there!

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      Yea.... I have a pretty big collection many never fired. Ever see a Slam Change Desert Duck?? How about a rotating cylinder breach Phoenix? Much like motorcyle companies there used to be probably 50-75 paintball gun companies, now there are just a few....

      you should take a day and photograph everything, i'd bet everything has a pretty good story.
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      I'll give you an Axe + cash for it. LMK. Free up.