• Gumshoe Rail

    This rail design was talked about a few months back, there was some interest at the time so I went ahead and did the prototypes to test the programming.

    Engraving shown would NOT be standard but an add-on.
    Rails are ULE milled with foregrip slots.
    Automag rails would have a duel slot for use with both AGD style VASA's.
    RTP full length slot for 2 screw VASA.
    Both rails match factory lengths.
    Milled for all body styles.
    RTP is 1.00" wide.
    AM rail is 0.98"
    Both rails can be pump milled.
    Rails are machined from 6061 billet.

    There's not a 'bump out' around the sear on the RTP, you can grind a little off the sear tip and it will sit in the frame like shown in the picture.