• ***1st look** automag rt classic ule bodies, rt length rt front bodies

    As promised i finished the machining on the prototypes. Its amazing how much lighter my red smear rt is with the ULE body, X valve and ULE milling...It cut 11oz. off the weight of the gun!!!!!! I might sell some of the prototypes in my SUPER SALE i will be having on the 1st of January. I am currently crunching the numbers to figure out how much to charge. Watch the Dealers section for the preorder.......I only plan on doing one run of them.

    Body Features:
    -Vertical feed threaded for use with angel feednecks
    -Dual angel detents
    -Uses autococker barrels
    -available body version and rail milling to adapt X valve to classic automag rt (11oz weight reduction)

    I have developed a scratch free fixture to mill the rails on.

    Note: some of you may notice that by cutting the slot in the back of the rail for the x valve milled through one of the NPT air holes....lucky for us AGD did not connect the back left two air fitting holes with the input for the valve! thought i would mention that to avoid the posts by people.

    Classic RT ULE body (uses stock RT valve)

    The above body on my red smear automag RT

    Classic RT body for use with X valve...Shown on my red smear automag rt (This body will cut 11 oz. off your gun when used with an X valve and the ULE rail milling(shown below))

    This body will work with all other automags except for the classic automag RT and the sydarm...Shown on my Acid Red Emag

    ULE milling for classic RT rail....this milling is necessary to make the classic RT accept the X valve. reduces the weight of the rail by 30%