• Auto-Response Trigger Frame

    They were forced out of production because the fire power was so overwhelming for that time that the insurance companies outlawed their use on the field. That pretty much killed it off. Remember, the frame could easily put out 13 bps without even trying. This was at a time when most guns shot 7-8. That would be like a gun shooting 23 bps today.
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      Bunny...agreed...this device was a devastating "game changer" at the time it was introduced. Before this item hit the market I recall the Tippmann SMG-60 being the most terrifying marker out there. BUT, the Tippmann required .60" balls and had very short "clips". It would be no match for a 'Mag with Auto-response... (that came a bit later, however). The Auto-response concept had a tragically short life. I recall facing a team in upstate NY AAPL competition...the opposing center used a 5 pound CO2 tank on his back with Auto Response...it was tough to resist with a "simple 'Mag". I held the enemy to time, but was scared as hell and admired the paint creek running down the hill from my position at the end of the game. It would be great to reminisce with my former "enemies" after all these years...

      Anyway, I now have two Auto-response trigger/sear assemblies available for sale for $75.00 each plus shipping (Please see my other posts). These were precisely replicated from original ProLine parts. These work, and are the closest tolerance reproductions you are likely to find. However, I only have two linkages left for sale. Be prepared to shim the main trigger pivot pin to control side-to-side trigger wobble (frame tolerances vary). I will include an aluminum T block (as mentioned in my other posts) with each assembly. These T-posts truly work well for a crisp trigger pull in single-fire mode if one takes the time to slowly file them down.

      PM me if you require additional information or have questions. May your aim remain true!
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      Does anyone have a digital copy of that video?
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      Bonjour, je cherche une poignée auto réponse Proline pour automag

      Hello, I am looking for a Proline auto response frame for automag