• AGD Virtual Tour

    Your Virtual Tour of the AGD U.S. Factory !

    The Front of the AGD U.S. Factory in Wheeling Illinois, U.S.A.

    Tom Kaye trying to look busy !

    Eric, who works with Tom in R&D

    The Parts Dept, where Super Dave keep track of everything.

    This is Brian in shipping he makes sure your stuff gets to you for the tourney this weekend !

    Here is Chicho and his gang, they assemble everything to perfection.

    Tom Vale is our QC department and checks everything made by our suppliers to make sure it meets our strict standards.

    Jon (left) and Saul repair guns, assemble Flatlines and program E-Mags.

    Jon in his hole taking a tech call, which he does almost all day.

    JJ's office and of course he is not here. Roman is MIA too we will get them later.

    Pat (left) and Joann talk to you when you register, they didn't want close ups.

    Dave VP of Manufacturing doing his thing.

    Jeff in our lunch room, your letters are posted on the bulletin board.

    Jeff final tests all the guns and gives them that final tweak. You talk to him on the tech line too.

    And of course we couldn't build anything without the Elves!!!