• Classic RT: Vert Feed Body

    AO: Here is another rare S/S body for the AO Archives. There have been many different variations of S/S bodies to come out of AGD, but one of the most influential has to be the Automag Classic RT "Vert Feed" body. Below is a video from Simon Stevens talking about the very first Automag RT Classic Vert Feed to be created.

    (Speech from the video: This is the first-ever vert feed RT. Now this was actually built I think about 2 am at night. I had been out to dinner with Tom Kaye we were talking about making vertical feed automags because vertical feed was really taking off in the autococker world and we went back to airgun designs workshop. Tom already had these feednecks machined up. He actually silver soldered this gun for me right there and then to build the first ever vert feed RT body. You can see how the clamp is actually machined built into the gun. Fantastic gun. This gun actually has one of the first level 10 kits in it as well and Iím going to do a whole story about this one because there is quite a bit of history on these guns as well. This gun was alot of fun. Great gun.
    If you are interested in finding out some more information, feel free to send him this article

    Throughout my research I have also found another example of an Automag RT Classic Vert feed body. This one is from 2001 from PBN.


    I believe that many of the vert feed bodies were made as prototypes and for team guns for testing purposes. I think I have been able to confirm that this gun from 2001 was later sold to John Dresser of Pbnation.com while he was restoring RT00001. I believe the Smear Kit Sight rail and drop
    forward match both guns.

    Unfortunately, in 2010 John sent the body to get the vert feed removed and modded. It was later powdercoated and a clamping feedneck added.

    Automags.org member Ando has been the lead investigator to track down another example, but no other Vert RT's have been found so far. If you have any information feel free to comment below.