• Triggernomics History (FAQs)

    (Article from Triggernomic's old website (2002ish)

    I am a Designer of Jewelry and Utensils. I received my Diploma after studying in Pforzheim, Germany for 3 years at the School for Goldsmiths and Watchmakers. I have worked for quite a few jewelers on the East coast of the U.S.A., learning many new techniques and putting to use the ones I had learned. My wife and I now live in Maine for the past 5 years and have great jobs working for excellent crafts people as well as doing freelance work at home.

    The first time I played paintball was in 1987 with a bunch of friends in New Hampshire. I had a great time running through the woods but never actually shot anybody. It would actually be another 6 years until I played again and finally got to score my first elimination. It wouldn’t be much longer before I got my Sterling pump gun, a name I found to be quite fitting for me. In a strange twist of fate, while playing one day, I tripped and crashed into a rock. The collision totally ruined my trigger and trigger guard. I messed up my shin pretty good too.

    I was devastated! I considered buying a whole new frame. Then I thought how to put my skills to use, and I got right to work. Needless to say, the first ever trigger I made was an interesting experience.

    Since then I have made close to 50 triggers. I’ll try to get as many of them posted as I can. Everyone who has tried them agrees there is no equal. I enjoy what I do, and am very proud of the product I am offering. I still play with the same bunch of guys from 1987 plus about 100 or so more new friends we’ve made over the years.


    The hollow sterling silver trigger is made up of four individual flat sheet pieces which are hammered into shape and then soldered together. This part of the process requires the most time. Because each piece is made individually, there will be slight variations in size and shape.

    Connecting arms are then made from two sheets of silver surrounding a piece of nickel which provides durability for the life of the trigger. In the case of the hand made screw on styles, nickel is also used on the threaded parts for strength. The aluminum and steel backs are cut out of plate stock, not cast. Each piece is checked for the corresponding specifications and test-fired for ensured performance.

    Finished surfaces can include polished, matte (steel wire brushed), black oxidized, ball peen, or in the near future, enameled.

    I am also willing to create any custom design that you have in mind. If you have any questions involving further details about the creation of these triggers, feel free to ask.


    On a double trigger the distance from the pivot point is greater. This gives you more leverage and lightens the pull, ultimately allowing for a faster rate of fire. The formed silver shape provides an unparalleled ergonomic feel which contributes to the level of comfort and ease of operation. ALL triggers are made with a tight fit. This greatly reduces the undesired side to side wobble which is found in most paintguns' stock triggers. This also helps the marker perform at its peak.


    Because of the increase in performance, the user must be made aware that they have to get used to it. The greater rate of fire and different style trigger may need a little time to become familiar with.


    Silver is soft, like aluminum, and can scratch easily. Over tightening any threads could eventually wear them out. TIGHTEN THREADS ONLY UNTIL THE SHOE IS FIRMLY IN PLACE! Loctite can be used but is not required. Over time the sterling will oxidize, which means it will discolor or get black. You can use Tarn-X or any other tarnish remover as often as you like. It will restore the silver without effecting it in any way. When installing the trigger, put a drop of oil in the pivot hole for lubrication. Do not pull or push on the trigger with more force needed to actuate the firing sequence. These triggers are very durable, and will easily last the life of your paintgun and beyond when cared for properly.

    The response to the web site has been amazing. Of course, the first thing everyone looked at was the triggers, then the price. I mostly heard that the triggers were beautiful, but cost too much. Suggestions ranged from "use different materials", to "go to hell". I am willing to agree that the cost is great for the custom models, but they are very special items, and require a lot of time and concentration to produce. I will reduce my prices where I can, but I will not compromise quality to make a fast buck.

    The initial introduction was to let you know what I'm able to offer. Unfortunately, pictures can only do so much. As I mentioned before, everyone who has touched one knows the difference. I am now focusing on a larger scale of production to offer comparable quality at lower prices. Keep in mind that the materials used (sterling silver) are not what makes these triggers cost what they do. It is the work and effort involved. The reduction in cost through other materials is negligible compared to the workability and final result achieved with silver. This is not just another trigger, it is the best there is available.

    With the larger quantities I'm producing I will soon be able to start sending out samples to various pro-shops. If there is one in your area and you think they'd be interested in this product, let me know. I'll ship it out there and you can enjoy the experience first hand before deciding to buy one. Be warned! Once you've touched one, there's no going back!

    I very much enjoyed everyone's comments, negative and positive. Please keep telling me what you want and I will make my best effort to accommodate you.

    Why is your stuff so *%$!&@# expensive?

    Almost all of this work is done by hand by me personally. There is no factory assembly line here putting these things together. I like to take the time to make each piece as elegant as possible. I charge an hourly rate and some of the things I do take a long time to complete.

    Why don't you have a price list?

    Well, each project is different. If you look at all the pieces on this site, no two are alike. Because of these sometimes subtle differences, the price of each project varies. Making a list would be long and confusing. Call or write me so we can discuss your ideas and I can give the most accurate quote.

    What's so great about your triggers?

    I started doing this because I knew there could be something better than the stock triggers out there. I found that creating a tight fitting trigger as well as a comfortable bond between the gun and the user leads to a smoother and more enjoyable operation of the paintgun. In addition to enhancing the looks of your gun, these triggers help to increase your rate of fire and also reduce finger fatigue.

    Will you ever make cheaper triggers?

    This is a really tough thing for me to do. I take great pride in the quality of my work, and I'd hate to see that be sacrificed only to offer a trigger at a lower price. I am trying to explore new ways of manufacturing, but this all takes time and financial investment. Right now I'm using these resources doing what I really want to be doing, making high quality crafted items. When the right combination of elements fall into place, the $19.99 Triggernomics trigger may come to be a reality. Until then we'll just have to wait.

    Will you do a custom design?

    Frankly, that's what this company is all about. More than anything, we enjoy creating new pieces that stretch the bounds of the imagination. If you have a particular idea in mind, let us know and we'll try to make it a reality.

    Do you use real silver?

    Yes. Certain portions of these triggers may include other materials such as nickel, aluminum, steel, bronze etc. to fulfill specific purposes, but the front portion is always made of sterling silver.

    What about using cheaper materials?

    The difference in price to other materials is negligible when considering the workability and final result achieved with silver. I can definitely make a trigger out of other metals if that's what you want, but don't expect it to lower the pricetag appreciably. Remember, they are expensive because of the labor involved.

    Where can I get your stuff?

    From us directly...there are no stores which carry these products. We deal with each and every customer personally through phone or e-mail.

    Can you sponsor our team?

    Sorry, but I have my hands full when it comes to sponsorship. There are only two teams that I sponsor: Team R.I.P. of California and my own team, the Warthogs. This is not a huge company, and sponsorship requires a lot of investment.

    What's with all the mag's?

    Everyone has a favorite, mine happens to be Airgun Designs. I have owned many paintball guns, the best of which for me has proven to be the Automag. Though I am more than willing to work on any other gun, the mag will always remain my personal choice.

    Why don't you do more with cocker's?

    This question comes from the same people who are miffed about the mag thing. I shot the cocker on this site for many years and loved every minute of it. I am now in the process of transforming that very gun into the next of the Luscious series. I will be doing many more things with the autococker too. Just give me a little more time and you'll be looking at some pretty cool stuff.

    Do you make triggers for Spyder's?

    I will be happy to make any trigger for any gun as long as the customer is willing to pay for it. The cost of a trigger for a blow-back marker could actually be more than the gun itself depending on what the customer wants.

    How much money do you make on a trigger?

    I do get this question a lot. Some people seem to think that these things only cost five dollars for me to make. I agree that my prices would be outrageous if that were actually the case.

    If I mentioned that certain people tell me I'm not charging enough, you might want to jump right to the next question before reading any further. Some people understand what goes into making my products, others think I'm ripping them off. I cannot change anyone's perception in this case. What you are looking at involves techniques that have never been applied in this way before. This inspires a lot of curiosity as well as skepticism. Fear of the unknown is a natural instinct, and I understand why my work has created some controversy over the acceptable boundaries of fanaticism in paintball. You will get what you pay for from Triggernomics, and that is a first rate piece of equipment that is backed by a lifetime guarantee. After all is said and done, bills paid, time elapsed, and product produced...there really isn't much left over. I'll leave it at that.

    Why don't you go to hell?

    I get this a lot too. I'll be happy to when my time comes, but for now I'm going to continue doing what I'm doing.

    Consider this the first in what I plan to be a series of guns known as the "Triggernomics Luscious Collection", or "TLC" for short. Each TLC gun will be unique, featuring cosmetics that have never been seen before.
    This is all part of the process of expanding Triggernomics into the realm of the unknown. It can only stop when our imagination does.