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    by Published on 03-18-2013 08:39 PM

    E-Mag/X-Mag Board

    This is a completely new board that will replace the no longer available OEM boards

    The board is a “drop in replacement” product (take the old one out, drop the new one in. Save all your old electronic parts.NO SOLDERING!!!!)

    We made some changes to the current design to make it more up to date

    The New Main Board Supports the following features:
    A New ACE board (will be ready for Tunaball 6!!!)
    Break Beam/Bounce Beam Eye Systems
    New HES trigger
    Use the rear button as a power switch
    Use the rear button as a mode/eye switch
    Multi-color LED (no LED Screen)
    AUX/Warp Feed Port
    Solenoid Port (you can unplug your solenoid)
    Power Port (you can unplug your power cable)
    Solenoid Polarity Correction

    The R.P.C. E/X-Mag Boards come pre-loaded with our Reflex 7.0 software.
    With our advanced code driving your new board, you will push your AGD marker beyond its limits!

    Reflex 7.0 Code supports:
    (13) Fire modes = Semi (uncapped), Semi (capped), Auto Response, "Mild Ramp", "Max Ramp", "Z-Burst", Full Auto, CFOA, Millenium, PSP Auto Response, PSP Ramp, PSP Burst, NXL
    Adjustable Trigger Debounce (checks trigger noise levels)
    Adjustable Dwell (adjustment for your solenoid)
    Adjustable Anti-Bolt Stick (adjustment for the bolt system)
    Adjustable Ramp Rate (percentage of how fast to get to ramping modes)
    Adjustable Ramp Start BPS (how fast you have to ACTUALLY shoot in order to start ramping)
    MROF (the max rate of fire your marker will shoot when the board is turned on)
    Adjustable Burst Value (works with "Z-burst" and "PSP Z-Burst". Changes the number of shots)
    Eye Off ROF (the rate of fire you can get when the eyes are dirty or malfunctioning)
    Eye Type (Break Beam or Reflective/ACE)
    Adjustable Mechanical Debounce (checks marker noise levels)
    Reset to Factory Defaults

    When you Purchase a New Board it comes with:

    (1) New R.P.C. E/X-Mag Main Board with Reflex 7.0 software
    (1) New Power Cable (connects your battery to your board)
    (1) New HES (the trigger switch)
    (1) New Solenoid Coil (connects to your new board with connectors so you can remove it)

    Optional Equipment Service Purchase:

    A new Warp Feed Cable (made for both Left & Right hand shooters) = $15
    A new ACE Board and Cable (ready for Tunaball 6) = $?????
    A Complete Board Installation to your AGD lowers (you send in your lowers. We remove all your existing OEM electronics and install the new electronics for you) = $50
    New/Upgraded Software Flash = $25
    Custom Code Modifications = PM me

    We are making 100 boards in the first run

    We have set a price of $189 (shipping and insurance NOT included)

    How to Purchase:
    Contact me via PM.
    Payment in the form of "Personal - Gift" via Paypal ONLY
    Minimum $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your place on the pre-order

    Purchase & Shipping Information: (copy this into your PM AND YOUR PAYPAL NOTES and fill the information out)
    Your AO Name:
    Your First and Last Name:
    Your Paypal Shipping Address (the address on your paypal account where you have items sent to)
    Your Shipping Address (the address we are sending the board to; can be different than the address above)
    Your Phone Number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
    Your Paypal E-Mail Address (the one registered with Paypal)
    Your E-Mail Address (if different from the paypal e-mail address)
    Payment(s) Sent: (we would like the buyer as well as us keeping track of all payments sent to avoid any confusion; include amounts and dates)
    Payment Form: Payments MUST be sent as a "Personal - Gift" to: jjai@comcast.net

    This is the first video
    Shot with the board on 18bps semi auto mech R/T bounce. The paint was All Star that was 2 months old and it was 53 degrees.

    This is the second video.
    Shot with the board on 18bps full auto no R/T bounce, straight e-mode. The paint was breaking in the air (6shots) and one in the barrel. The paint was All Star that was 2 months old and it was 53 degrees.

    This is the third video.
    You can see the internal AUX port (warp feed link) which activates the warp feed every shot for the duration of dwell set by the jumpers on the warp feed board and not just the settings on the main board. The gun was in full auto at the time. I tested it in semi and got the same results.

    Note: Ive done some surgery on my warp feed YEARS ago (at least 5 since this is the one I used at TB1) which includes an 18v mod, upgraded battery snaps, and some switching relays to speed up the motor. All of which are external to the warp feed main board and do not alter the link between the gun and the warp feed.

    Battery Test After 30 Days #1

    Battery Test After 30 days #2