• Venomous Designs Evolution Grips

    This is a post about the Venomous Designs Evolution Grips. I don't remember seeing the V2 or V3 ever made. - Bunny

    This is gonna be a small limited run......Never to be made again.

    We will be offering all three styles.




    V.3 : will come with a panel to cover the back. you can fit a battery and more inside.
    We can even mill the panel to fit a membrane pad and LED.

    Two mounting screws will be included.

    You have the option of making it a gas thru "V.1 and V.2 "

    Choice of anno/ Gloss Black, Dust Black, Venom Red

    These are all 3D milled out of solid high grade aluminum.

    Once we have 10 spots filled for each design we will start making them...I will not have any left for sale after we begin to make them.

    PRICE: $125
    Plus shipping charges We will require a $50 deposit
    Please make your Paypal payments to : Venomousdesigns@yahoo.com ...we also will accept MO

    Please post here any questions you may have.
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      Link is dead

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      BigEvil -
      V1 were the only ones made. This was one of the last things Christian managed to deliver on before he fled to Uruguay.