• Z-Grip

    Idea ahead of its time. No one could figure out why the grip should angle forward. Years later WDP introducted the 90 degree grip on the IR3 and suddenly it was accepted. Only 400 made, now a collectors item.

    The New Z-GRIP for AUTOMAGS and RT's

    Airgun Designs is pleased to announce the availability of our latest accessory, the Z-Grip. This radical new design puts the wrist in proper alignment when holding the marker in a tight shouldered position. Designed for the high volume shooter who spends most of his game throwing paint, it allows the unstressed muscles in the arm and hand to shoot faster and longer!
    This is a fully machined, all aluminum, double trigger frame that now comes with official Hogue 45 grips (not shown). The grip is made in two versions, one for AUTOMAGS, the other especially for the RT. The AUTOMAG version is a direct bolt-on replacement. The RT version is also a bolt-on but may require a notch for the front trigger guard to clear the Front Grip Mount. Newer versions of the RT have this notch machined from the factory. If your RT doesn't have this notch, you can either purchase a new front grip for a special price or you can send in your old front grip for modification. Please call us at (847) 520-7507 for a further information.

    This is a limited production item for the serious player only. Call your dealer for price and availability. Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is $115.

    Important note: To effectively hold the Z-Grip you must not mount your air supply directly below the grip. We have found the best configuration is mounting it off to one side with an offset mount (sidecar style).