• Retro Valve

    Convert your Automag or Minimag into a Super Semi. Features the Reactive Trigger technology of the Automag RT! No machining necessary. Remove your old valve, slip in the new valve, and shoot! A completely new valve assembly for the 68 Automag Package includes

    • Complete Retro valve assembly
    • Rear half of valve in lightweight black aluminum
    • RT reactive trigger performance
    • RT zero drop-off performance
    • Sear assembly
    • Foamieless bolt
    • Bolt Spring

    $299.95 (MSRP) Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

    An RT valve assembly for the Automag, giving the tried & trusted Automag, the RT's high tech performance. Mag users can now convert their Mag to RT performance, or swap between the two, and have the best of both worlds. As with the RT, the "Retro" valve must be used on compressed air only. Must not be used with CO2. Direct replacement for the following valve types: