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Thread: *Stolen or Missing Equipment Listings*

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    Exclamation Well

    I had a Redz pack, w/ 4 tubes vanish. I won't say stolen, but, I don't have it anymore.

    Stealers suck. I worked three jobs, just under 60 hours per week, for one summer, and continued working during my last semeter of college to afford my cocker. I put damn near 1300 into it. Well, need less to say, I can't say for shure, but, I had a person that wanted to trade me for it. Well, I did a lot of searching, and he listed a bogus third party, and I beileve he gave me his home address as the thrid party address. The address made me laugh, because it sounded like a trailer park address. Anyway, it's always good to search the address, and get as much info as possible. Also, the words, Next Day Air should tip you off.

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    All these storys scare me to death, I couldnt live with out my mag. My friend had his house robbed and his bushmaster taken. I just wrote my mag serial number down and took pics of it just incase.

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    LittlePaintballBoy Guest


    i no what u mean. me and my dad got all our gear stolen out of our car. if u see anyone trying to sell a 68 classic w/ 14in. nytestick, an a-5 wit resonse trigger and a crappy brasseagle avenger let me no

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    stolen 2-25-03

    fun gunz indoor paintball in eastgate, oh was robbed on
    2-25-03 around 5:30 am

    the following is a list of what guns were stolen

    E-99 spyder black
    spyder flash lcd
    spyder tl plus black
    spyder tl plus purple
    tippman pro-carbine sn 00045890
    tippman a-5 sn 015553
    tippman custom 98 black sn 368728
    ans gx3 cocker green / blue fade
    02 cocker black sn 108925
    02 cocker green sn 935331
    black used cocker, red grips, chrome flame drop
    red spyder shutter

    if anybody happens across one of these, please call jim or pat at 513-528-3173, or go to their website


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    1) Custom annodized freak tip (purple and chrome splash)

    2) 8 freak inserts, all colors; case has A Raven sticker, AGD sticker (lion logo), and Nexed on it

    3)Level 10 stuff for a mag, all but one carrier and the shems, its inside the freak kit

    4)3 pods, 2 chrome, one clear

    5)700 paintballs (about) (black/green)
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    Angry serial #s

    thats it, you've all gotten me scared, i'm going to get the serial numbers of my mags tatooed on my body somwhere. I'm not kidding, i'll have pics soon. also, has anyone heard about impact paintball being robbed? it was a smash and grab, twice in a week i believe. anyway a bunch of angels, specially impact angels (duh) were stolen, don't have the list, i'll try to get it

    *edit* this was a few months ago so i dunno if anything was recovered or anyone was caught

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    hey guys im sorry for everyons lost i cant imagine how it fells to get your crap stollen i have had my mask stollen but i got it back by hitting the kid i nthe face not the best way but the only way for my mask to get back to me after i asked him to give it back. any way if anyone needs to make sure they dont get ripped i use a 3rd party trader ill leave his info below its wqorth the 15 bux each for a safe gun and safe trade good luck everyone

    *Soon to be*
    a custum all chrome e-blade cocker
    a 68 45k maxyflow
    *setup now *
    2k1 black lcd angel w/chain frame
    full freak kit
    clear halo b

    Originally posted by Echo419
    Just tell your team you forgot to fill your pods,
    because you were to busy getting stoned.
    They'll Understand.

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    robbing stores like that is low,really low but i hope who ever did it will be caught but it should be recognized that the robber(s) may have taken them to make a profit (sell them)just my thoughts.
    good luck,

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    Gun setup stolen from paintball central in north carolina

    Sunday April 13th, a Red Ironmen Series Dye Angel w/angel air was stolen from a friend at a CFOA tournament at Paintball Central in Greensboro, NC. The gun has a few scratches on the left side of it but I am pretty sure these are pretty rare markers so if anyone sees anybody trying to sell of trade a gun like this please email me at Thanks guys
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    114ci 3000psi nitro duck tuff skin non-adjustable

    stolen by :

    Jedidah Smart from Everson, Washington

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    These guys are all cheap SOBs. Stealing is messed up, not to mention stealing from other pballers. I havn't got screwed on an internet deal yet(Thankfully). But a couple of years ago some people stole a couple of guns from Rode's paintball here in NorCal. It affected my team because they are our primary sponsor so that was money outta our pocket. Sorry to hear all you guys got jacked... if you ever find out who did it lemme know, I'm 6' 6" and 310lbs... Guarantee you I'll get your stuff back Good luck guys, Hope you all get your stuff back.

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    your not to bright to steal a gun like those angels they are pretty rare oi bet these guys brought them like oversea...if you send the serial numbers and pics to local stores chances are theyll look for them and they will turn up and the person will be charged with grand theft a lil whil back my local store was robbed and slowly the guns are being found and turned back in.....
    im: rampage1531

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    nra_3.5 Guest
    dont take this the wrong way but, if u leave expensive equipment sitting out in a car u are just begging for it to be stolen, its not right but its the case, if u put a lot of money into your gun please be smart enough to hide it or go buy a safe for 100 and lock it up, plus how is yur gun supposed to be found if you get rid of the serial number? I know people that used to do that stuff, u get rid of the serial number, get it re annoed, and it cant be traced usually.

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    Oh well

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    A fact is, if you leave it in your car people just break in and steal it (easy). What you need to do is either carry it in a bag around, or hide the gun in the trunk or under something in the car.
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    Originally posted by petefol
    i know how these people feel, although it may not be as bad as a 1000$+ plus marker, i once had about 220$ stolen right from my room.
    dosent matter theft is theft i had a 12v revy jacked out of my box when i was returning my armband to the front desk. all my stuff was closed up in the box waiting for my dad so i could put it in the trunk. nowadays trust no one
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    Always etch your name or somehow mark your equipment.
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    Stolen Monday June 23rd from the Minneapolis, MN area:
    *Chrome E-Mag, Warp left - SN: EM01643 - This marker was used once.
    *Clear Warp Feed - Only used once.
    *88/4500 3A HPA tank - Only used once, had a leak near the gauge
    *VL Revolution - Heavily used and home modified.

    Also taken were a pair of Spyders, a gear bag of parts, other loaders and a pair of harnesses. Any info is appreciated.

    Note: This was not my gear, this was taken from a friend of mine who lives in the Minneapolis area.

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    00 shocker

    If everybody could be on the lookout for me that would be a geat help. I was at PAP in taneytown today (6/15) and my shocker was picked up off my table and taken. here is the discription

    '00 shocker (black)
    - double trigger
    - blown verticle maxflow reg
    - l/s board (slide switch)
    - dye boomstick 14"
    - chrome st drop
    - black and blue smart parts on/off
    - black dye grips

    - big yellow glob of stuff to hold the vert feed tube in
    - ghetto screw i the front of the trigger frame from stripping internally in the gun (you needa wrench to take it out, not a allen key)
    - blown reg(you hear a hissing over at the fill station, check it out)

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    wow... u know, seeing all these posts of stolen stuff is really troubling... i always thought of paintball as one of the most friendly sports around. every one at the field is a friend. everyone helps out "oh u need an o-ring? here ya go i have plenty". i tell u, some people just have no remorce. my store, play it again sports, fremont, had a black magic stolen off the wall rite under our noses! its a long story how that one worked out. well i wish the best of luck to all of u and may we all toast to the painful death of all these thieves.

    a skittle paintballl... can you imagine?!?!

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    *stolen Or Missing Equipment Listings*

    3 Tribals - Black/red flames, Silver/Blue, Red/Black splash

    hey how long ago was this there was a guy about 3-4 months ago with one. wanted to get rid of it real bad. i still know who has it know tho. is there a seril. o yea its the Silver/Blue one.

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    Originally posted by ANTi
    me and psychoclown414 almost had our bikes stlen the other day by these deadbeat bridgeport kids with a gun...luckily the owner of th house we were in frot of pulled in the driveway and they took off...but i mean it just goes to show that you cant own anything nice without havingsomebody try to steal it...i just o a new mag and am i the rocess of upgrading i and i know tat if anyone ever stole it i would be flaming pisssed....
    BRO i live in manchester newhampshire and i just got back into paintball after taking like 2 years off and if i ever see your gun or hear anything about it i will most deffinatly let you know man that really sucks i feel for you bro

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    Originally posted by pete-is-god17
    my hyperframe mag was stolen from osg paintball in barnstead new hampshire...

    it was a p/f feed mag with a hyperframe,
    black drop
    steel hoses
    ans venturi bolt
    black foregrip

    and some other extras which i cant remember cuz i dont have it anymore ill post pictures soon.... please contact me if you see it. it will probably be on ebay or for sale localy in new england...

    call or email or pm me if you hear anything
    (978) 356-5588, if you do call ask for pete.

    thanks very much

    oops sorry anti i ment to quote Pete is god :P

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    i had my mask sotlen 1 time and the kid took it my,fan,my visor and everythang this isint much but this is my lucky mask and i wear it every tounry but luckly the kid showed up at my brothers work with it and my brother called me and i went and beathe the crap out of this 15 yr old even tho im 15 2 but im big but i still lsot my fan and visor either way i know how u all fell casue i got ripped of a couple of times off my angel air and more sorry for everyones loose
    2k2 black magic
    2k2 angel
    2k2 oraccle
    68 45k a.I.R
    2k1 bushy
    2k1 stock vert cocker
    spyer tl plus
    halo b

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    Hey i had a million dollars its missing have any of u geys seen it. The discripti

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    to the answers to those ppl sayin CALL the COPS.......sry to tell u, but the cops cant do a DAMN thing bout it because it is NOT MAIL FRAUD!...u sent them the marker, they didnt steal it from a mail box or something....its written out in their name, so its not like its fraud....sry...but it is a damn shame to whom got ripped off.

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    Alert! Gear stolen in Winnipeg!

    Alright people, we need you to keep your eyes out for this gear stolen out of Alter Ego Sports in Winnipeg Manitoba.

    Although Police are on the case, I thought it wise to spread the word as much as possible to ensure that people check potential purchases against this list, to save themselves hassle.

    Here goes:

    AGD Products

    AGD Minimag custom silver
    PMI flame drop
    Verticle bottle adapter
    QD SS BL hose kit
    Smart Parts AA barrel 12" in black
    Centerflag Hyper Frame
    Serial # MM18806

    AGD RT Pro Black.
    Serial # RTP01816

    AGD ULE Automag with vertical feed in Black
    PMI foregrip
    SS BL hose kit
    Centerflag Hyper Frame
    PMI Razzor barrel in black 12"
    Serial # CF32025

    WGP Products

    Autococker Black
    PMI Razzor Barrel 14" Green
    SS BL Hose Kit
    PMI Pure Energy Regulator in Green
    Palmer's Pursuit Rock Regulator
    Serial # 73340

    Autococker Black
    SS BL Hose Kit
    PMI Razzor Barrel 14" Red
    Serial # 52292

    Autococker Black.
    Dye Stainless Barrel 12" Chrome
    Shocktech front block in chrome
    Bob Long regulator
    QD SS BL Hose Kit
    On/Off Cradle
    Serial # 16218

    Tippmann Pneumatics Products
    A-5 in Black
    Serial # 55665

    Model 98 in black
    Serial # 444302

    PMI Products

    Pirahna BL VF in blue
    Serial # FZC04977

    Black Maxx
    (no serial)

    Evil Products

    Omen in black
    Serial # 1003004

    Indian Creek Designs

    B2K3 with PDS system in black
    Serial # 13571

    BKO in black
    Serial # 2040

    BKO in blue
    Evil Pipe in blue 16"
    Serial # 2253

    DYE Products

    Throttle Air System 71cu/4500PSI in black


    Spyder Victor
    (no serial)

    Contact with any information, or feel free to post here.


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    the place i play, splat paintball in canal fulton,ohio was broken into and had a bunch of stuff stolen, the owner Bruce, a great guy who runs a great shop and field, called the cops and they purchased some of the stolen equiptment off of e bay and got the kids who did it, they had to work in the store in addition to fines, one of the kids ended up being one of my dead beat high school dropout, hop head neighbors, who i caught trying to break into my car one night. it sucks, but people do it, i keep all my equiptment at arms length because im paranoid, im like that with all the stuff i own that cost a grand plus and is light enough to carry. its expensive enough to play this sport, theft is tantamount to wiping, what ever happned to honor...

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    Beware Kingman01 a thief

    i traded a 2k1 shocker for a bob long defiant with kingman01; he dissapeared for a week, pmed me that he sold the marker to a "local friend" and wouldn't reply to any of my emails or pm's; after about 2 more days i got the defiant in parts; it did not work at all; i have put about 85 dollars into it , just to get it running again. do not trade with this person, he is a thief and a liar; if you trade with him, make sure he sends the marker first and make sure the marker works;
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