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Thread: FORUM RULES - Including Sig Image Guidelines - New Users Please Read

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    FORUM RULES - Including Sig Image Guidelines - New Users Please Read

    Hello - and welcome to - THE place to be for information on Airgun Designs producs - and a great place to hang out and talk about paintball.

    We want you to enjoy our community and interact with our moderators and members with our online forum. However, there are some rules as we strive to keep the Forum "family" orientated, and maintain a "PG-13" level of discussion. There are also some rules that are just general "netiquette".


    Multiple Accounts are not allowed. They will be removed.

    • No cussing. Activating the filter[******] is the same as swearing If you see you did please edit and fix it.
    • No racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory language
    • Avoid topics containing religious, racial, or political discussion (they are the top three flame starting toipcs)
    • No "hitting" on other members of the channel - they are here for paintball, not for a date
    • Do not type in all caps - it means you are shouting
    • Do not use excessive colors, bold letters, or ASCII characters
    • Do not try to circumvent the cuss filters by using spaces or other characters
    • Do not spam or flood the channel with repeated statements or questions
    • Do not ask to be a moderator
    • Do not exhibit disruptive behavior
    • Post topics under their respective forum. For example, a tech question goes in the Tech Forum
    • Do not post the same topic in multiple forms
    • Off topic posts are allowed, but they must be reasonable and civil, and in the "Friendly Corner"
    • Do not threaten or "flame" members of the board
    • Do not try to circumvent a ban placed on you
    • YOU are responsible for images you post or attach on this site. Keep them 800x600 max. Some websites (like angelfire) will not allow you to directly linke images from thier site. Some websites (like will replace the linked image with a pornographic one. You will be held responsible if that happens.
    • There will be NO advertising for the various schemes and free items on the internet. This includes "pyramid" type advertising (where you tell 5 people and if they tell 5 people you get a free Ipod etc). If this is your first post you will probably be banned as you just came onto the forum to spam. If you are an active member you will be warned, follwed by a ban if you continue to post these types of messages.

    • Raffles for painball markers or other merchandise is prohibited. Raffles for a legitamate charity or company will be allowed if pre-approved by one of the Administrators. These, however, must be run on thier own site, but an announcement may be made ONCE in "Paintball Talk". Private or personal raffles will never be approved. No sales of prohibited weapons (varies by state).

    Mild offences will probably result in a post being edited, locked, or deleted by the moderators. If a topic is locked, we will give you a quick explanation as to why. For more severe offences we will delete the post and give you a warning - maybe two. After that you will be banned. Bans last from 3 days to forever, depending on the offence and your reaction to the moderators when they try to correct your behavior.

    If you find yourself banned, email the moderator or webmaster to try to work something out. We will most likely unban you if you try to work with us.

    Unlike most sites that only allow you a small avatar, we do allow you to post images in your signature. However, we do have some guidelines. Any user found violating the guidelines will have thier signature deleted. If you repeated break the guidelines you will be banned.

    • Do not use the [quote] tag - it takes up too much space. If you wish to quote someone in your sig, just us quotation marks.

    • Do not use large sized fonts, use the default size or smaller. Avoid excessive colors.

    • Images must remain in good taste and refrain from being offensive, as well as staying within the general forum rules.

    • If you use a sig image, try to have that image placed on your own server or webspace. (not on If you lack any place to host your image, you may attach it in the friendly corner and link it from there.

    • You are allowed ONE sig image. Not 2 or 3 small images - but ONE.

    • Sig images may NOT be larger than 350 x 175 pixels. ANY image found taller than 175px or longer than 350px will be removed. Images must be under 20k. These are guidelines and it is recommend that your sig images be smaller than the maximum allowed numbers. Under 15K is prefered, and the smaller the image the better.

    • Text shall be limited to a reasonable ammount. If your sig image is the full 350x175px size, then you will only be allowed 2-3 lines of text. If your image is much smaller, you will be allowed more (say up to 6 lines). Its a signature, you dont need to quote the entire Encyclopedia Britanica, or itemize every item in your house. Just a few quips to give your signature some character.

    • A signature image is a privilege, not a right. Images that are inappropriate or distracting may be deleted at the moderator’s discretion.

    These rules may change at any point and changes will be posted on the forum.

    These rules apply to all forums. Some forums will have other rules added, in which case there is a rules sticky with the added rules that apply for that forum.

    Added........These rules are also just a baseline. Threads and posts can and will be removed where necessary without notice or warning. If you see a thread or post you made was removed and then make a thread or post to whine about it you will get a ban. If you chose to REPOST a Thread or post that was removed or edited you will be Banned. You also can and will be banned without notice or warning if it is necessary. We try hard to avoid this action but if we have to we will. Your thread or post will most likely just be removed.
    If you have an issue with a post or see something we missed PLEASE use the report feature and we will deal with it accordingly.

    Last updated: 04.14.09
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