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Thread: Forum Rules *updated*

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    Forum Rules *updated*

    #1.No weapons of any kind. This includes Firearms and Knives. Specialist stores cater for these items and this is where you should go to purchase such items.

    #2. Fixed reasonable price...since ebay exists already so if you want an auction you have somewhere else to go.

    #3.Locations....this would help if a personal collection is to be encouraged...this will also promote AO as a group with AO members getting to meet others with similar interests that might not otherwise meet.

    #4. A single "up" "to the top" post per day...(if your post is not already on the first page)
    This means you CAN'T up your Thread IF it is still on the first page.

    #5. If item is sold then the user is to report the post they made or delete it themselves...strict adherence to this will keep the bandwidth (storage costs are reduced for AO)

    #6. Scams and Pyramid Schemes. Do this and you WILL be banned...already covered within the other B/S/T forums.

    #7. Linking to other forums/ebay etc NOT ALLOWED. If you have taken the time to list a sale on AO then make it all here
    Maximum width is 600 and maximum height is 450 (You can link your pictures like this though
    PHP Code:
    <a href="LinkToImageHere"><img src="LinkToImageHere" width="600" height="450"></img></a
    This will make it so that your picture will only be 600x450 but if someone clicks on it, it will bring up the full sized picture.

    You have PLENTY of places to find a reliable host for your pictures here are some of the current "free" servers (*Free* can actual cost you if you get heavy viewing of your thread so be warned that you picture linking may indeed cost you something) You are also encouraged to contact your own ISP since the majority supply their users with a limited amount of free space

    #8. If a trade IE a swap is to take place then this must be CLEARLY stated in the listing.

    #9. WTB (Want To Buy posts allowed but use this sparingly...if someone has it hidden in their already posted offering then look at the other posts already in place.

    #10. No bidding, see Rule #2. This is NOT an Auction style listing section, if you want that then use an Auction site to buy your items.

    #11. Offers, again this must be CLEARLY stated in the listing otherwise NO Offers to be made in a users thread, see Rule#12.

    #12. No disruption of a users For Sale thread, if you don't like the price then DON'T Post anything. Be respectful of their thoughts as to the items value

    #13. Selling as a 'hobby' means you are a DEALER so you must use the Dealer section, Bulk selling items means you are a DEALER. Simply selling items you no longer have a use for is allowed but even the most avid paintballer collectors have a finite limit of what is in their closet, so it is very obvious to which 'title' someone is.

    #14. ALL B/S/T section threads are now considered 'out of date' if the last post is 120 days ago. This was decided via a Poll of the users and although 90 days was the most wanted result enough also wanted 180 day longevity. Using 120 days is a compromise that takes in both people. If you forget about a thread or your item is SOLD then delete the thread yourself, ALL users have this option it is not just the moderators that can delete a thread failing that report the thread yourself as sold (little red triangle in the top right corner) and we (mods) will delete the thread completely.

    Edit.......If these rules are to hard for you to follow your thread and or post in a thread can and WILL be removed and NOT subject to any warning OR notice. If you choose to disrupt a thread with BS OR not FOLLOW the RULES you are subject to a Five Day ban without notice or warning.

    If you see your thread is gone you did it wrong. Reread the rules and try again to do it right.

    We cant see it all so if you see the crap in any forum, Please use the report button and state the reason. No one will know who you are and if there is a problem it will be dealt with.
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    Mostly we have just been removing the up when we see it.

    This is not working. Seems SOME folks just dont get it and didnt read the rules.

    This is not FAIR to the folks that read the rules and follow them.

    So from now on this WILL APPLY on all the AO BST Forums. Dont bump your thread if its still on the first page or it will be removed.

    -The AO Moderation Team
    "Everything in Moderation"

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