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Thread: Beer mugs and glasses

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    Beer mugs and glasses

    From Facebook;

    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph RJ Torrell
    Bryan Keker and I will be bring some old school stuff to sell in our new venture call " Old School Custom Movement" OSCM for short. We are bringing back the old school way of customizing paintball equipment with hand machines and old school ingenuity. In addition Ive been spending my nights making some cool old school inspired bar ware! These are very limited production etched Beer Mugs and Scotch/Bourbon glasses. They are etched with either an Automag or Autococker and a nice little splat. In addition I will be selling Automag and Autococker printed SHOT GLASSES prices are as follows
    Beer Mugs $20 each
    Whiskey Glasses $15 each
    Shot Glasses $6.00 each or 2 for $10.00
    if you buy a set of mugs ill throw in a set of shot glasses FREE!!!!
    * If the response is good from this post I may make more, ive only done about 12 of each of the etchings, shot glasses, ill have plenty!

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    Jeet yet ?
    A coffee cup would be nice....

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