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Thread: Hpa tanks and regs

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    Getting out the game and selling my equipment. I also have a Scuba tank if anyone is interested in picking it up. I'm not going to ship it because of the weight. Name:  iphone 354.jpg
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Size:  131.4 KB PE 45/4500 tank, ninja shp reg. out of hydro SOLD Name:  iphone 355.jpg
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Size:  124.4 KB carleton 45?/4500 tank,out of hydro, flatline 4500 reg, needs rebuild, works to around 1000 psi output then leaks out of the adjustment screw. $65 shipped. Includes the braided remote with slide check and Dye bottle protection Name:  iphone 356.jpg
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Size:  78.8 KB Smart parts 88/4500 tank unknown 4500 reg, in hydro $80 Shipped Name:  iphone 358.jpg
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Size:  115.4 KB Name:  iphone 359.jpg
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